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Dating like a boss

Inbox: Caught in the Middle As cities, large and small, are fast becoming international melting pots, potential dating mates may come from many a country and background. A guy finds himself caught in the middle of his mom and foreign girlfriend.Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in with solid advice.Here is how to create a dashing head-to-toe look for your next date night — a look that is sure to make the difference. Button downs are always a great way to go – most of you already know this.Where guys tend to lose points is with style and fit.If you haven’t done your research, be straight about it. As a child growing up with 2 younger sisters and a large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins, I became overwhelmed by the noise of everyone else’s views and opinions. And so, from an early age, I unknowingly developed the art of being a good listener. When you can fully listen to another person, you can fully be in their world.To survive this and navigate the world, I learned to keep my mouth shut. Being fully in someone else’s world doesn’t mean simply waiting until they finish speaking so you can get your view/opinion across.Perhaps you’re needing to raise capital for your latest business venture and you’re meeting with an investor and need to impress.

However, having a shirt tailored to your body requires a lot of time and money. One, of course, is for your wallet, maybe a pen, or any loose papers you might need.You could say that life is one big sales conversation.Whether you’re convincing your potential boss to hire you because you’ve got what it takes, or you’re single and looking for a soul mate, then you want your best qualities to shine through.Of course, your personality comes into play, but we can’t help you too much there (we’ll leave that to the expert matchmakers at Three Day Rule).🙂 What we can do, however, is make sure that your look adds to the date.

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