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Cam liveroom

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I'm in the process of putting a small project studio into my townhome. I have video monitors that I can use, so I just need a camera with a composite video out and something that can see well in the dark as my main tracking room is also my home theater, and she is dark down there. Some cameras come with video monitors, some with switching so you could have mulitple cameras. no sense plugging a microphone into a preamp into a radio transmitter and using a tuner in your control room to zero in on it... Also it makes it so you don't have to be in the next room over. Not sure I'd go with ADT, as we had some issues with the monitor in the CR, but a system like this would be the ticket.

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Sure, you can use the wonders of web-based video calling to speak to the parents back east, but its potential goes way beyond that.

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